Who are Far East Resources?

Far East Resources Fund Limited is an investment fund formed to provide a diversified investment model specializing in the investment and management of various resource, technology, infrastructure and new energy projects throughout the Asia Pacific region. Far East Resources Fund Ltd is an Australian public company representing Stakeholders and Investors with offices and representation in Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, China and the British Virgin Islands.

Far East Resources specializes in capital market operations, being engaged in equity investment as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions. Far East Resources has a strong network in established and emerging markets in Australasia through its alliances and joint ventures with various financial institutions, government agencies, Chinese State Owned Enterprises and private multinational corporations. Far East Resources enable Strategic investment in supply chains to capture additional value and minimise risk within our partners businesses.Far East Resources has strong partners and capability to deliver complex infrastructure projects bringing strategic investment to realisation sooner.

Far East Resources comprises a highly qualified team of professionals and industry experts with experience in international business, large scale property developments, project management, marine infrastructure design and construction, global telecommunications infrastructure rollouts, Government and Military tender projects, fund raising and public listing expertise. Currently Far East Resources projects include investment in Indonesian coal mines in East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Papua and a coal loading facility project at East Kalimantan. Far East Resources and its partners are in the process of investing approx $10,000,000 USD of start-up capital into these projects.

In 2010 Far East Resources Fund and its partners intend to invest heavily into various mining and resources projects throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our diversified investment model allows Far East Resources to efficiently target the industries of interest to our alliance partners to enable value to be created and realized from entering into long-term supply agreements.

Far East Resources has a strong social conscience and makes its decisions based on awareness of its environmental footprint and social impact. Far East Resources believes in sustainability and considers that education is critical to the alleviation of poverty. Far East Resources supports the communities where it conducts business and has alliances with charitable organizations in China, Australia and Africa that assist in the provision of education facilities to these communities.

Far East Resources considers that one of its major strengths is the calibre of the team that it has put in place to enable the successful investment and management of the various resource and infrastructure projects that it is currently undertaking.

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